OTI Holding's global tour operator Coral Travel  
@ Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and Georgia

 As of 1994, Coral Travel started its activities in Moscow and took its place among the most reliable brands in the Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian markets via its sector experience and service concept of good quality. The central office of Coral Travel which is the main partner of OTI Holding in Russia is in Moscow and it performs its activities in 28 cities of Russia, performs in 5 cities of Ukraine and its central office is in Kiev, performs in 8 cities of Poland and its central office is in Warsaw, and performs in Belarus/Minsk, Georgia/Tbilisi and Turkey with a total of 44 offices.

Coral Travel is among the leader tour operators of the countries it is located at and performs flights from 35 cities of Russia, 5 cities of Ukraine, 10 cities from Poland, Belarus (Minsk), Turkey and Georgia to 65 destinations in 38 countries. The countries to which Coral Travel sends tourists are: Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Tunisia, Russia, Morocco, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Indonesia (Bali), Maldive Islands, Vietnam, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India (Goa), Tanzania (Zanzibar), Cambodia, Mauritius, Jordan, Mexico, Austria, Bulgaria and Andorra.

Coral Travel Sales Agencies Chain    
@ Russia, Ukraine

Coral Travel Sales Agencies Chain which started its activities in 2001 in Russia operates in Russia through its sales offices 30 of which are its own and more than 800 are franchising and operates in the Ukrainian market with 250 franchising sales offices.

Coral Travel sales agencies chain presents to its Russian and Ukrainian customers low cost services such as package tours, honeymoon packages and holiday products which consist of many other opportunities.

Providing VIP products from various regions of the world with private travel consultancy, Coral Travel Elite Sales Agencies chain carries out business activities with 24 sales offices in Russia and 1 sales office in Ukraine.