The Board of Directors, Executive Committee and consultants of OTI Holding, and the senior managers from all countries participated in the Summit the 10th of which was held in Xanadu Resort Hotel on November 13-14.

The event, joined by 190 top executives from 13 countries, was commenced with the presentations made by the Members of the Board and the Heads of Business Lines on November 13. Two meetings held after the panel held with the Board of Directors brought the holding managers together. During the gala dinner given the same evening, the employees who have completed their 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th years in the group were given seniority awards and awarded with plaques; and the Members of the Board were given plaques on behalf of the holding employees for the 25th anniversary of the foundation of OTI Holding. The 10th OTI Summit organization ended with the Meeting on Evaluation of the Year 2017 General Results, the Corporate Issues Meeting, and the Technology Meeting held on November 14.