Odeon Holding Europe is the European division of OTI Holding and is the new shareholder of Dusseldorf based FERIEN Touristik GmbH, which was previous¬ly owned by Media Venture GmbH. The majority of it’s shares has been acquired by Odeon Holding Europe Ltd. on March 2017. Ferien Touristik services close to 150.000 guests annually. The company was founded in 2000 and offers package holidays to nearly 100 destinations.

FERIEN Touristic combines the current standard flights, economic flights and charter flights in accordance with the best price principle with specially selected hotels. Thus, FERIEN Touristic can offer individual and flexible holiday packages with excellent price-service ratio. The hotel portfolio; whether by sea, city or remote destination, it is up to 3 star luxury accommodation options, up to 6 star luxury hotels. It is always aimed at providing a slightly better service with an attractive product portfolio, a high quality with attractive prices, well-trained staff working together for many years.