ODEON Tours have welcomed the Coral Travel and Sunmar guests who came from Moscow to Gazipaşa (Alanya) airport of Antalya with the first charter flight of the season with a special organization. One hundred eighty nine guests of Coral Travel and Sunmar Tour, who came with Boeing 737-800 aircraft of Royal Flight, have been met by Gazipaşa District Governor Nurullah Kaya, Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, Gazipaşa Mayor Adil Çelik, TAV Gazipaşa Operations Coordinator Cengiz Aşıklı, Gazipaşa Airport Manager Ömer Sözener, ALTID President Burhan Sili, and ALTAV Vice-President Mehmet Dahaoğlu.

In addition to ODEON Tours Inbound Services Deputy General Manager Ozan Somaklar.ODEON Tours Inbound Services Deputy General Manager Ozan Somaklar said, “From this day on, 1,300 passengers will be arriving at Gazipaşa Airport from Moscow with 1 flight a day for 1 month. We have completed our plans to raise this number to 2600 seats on two aircraft per week afterwards. Our flights departing from St. Petersburg are going to start on May 27, and we will be meeting our 3 aircraft a week in Gazipaşa. With those flights to continue by October, we plan to meet almost 55 thousand passengers and see them off back to their country at Gazipaşa.”