OTI Junior Cup Tennis Europe Tournament for 12-year-olds, which started on March 13 in Antalya Kaya Belek, ended on March 22 after a breathtaking competition.

Totally 128 young tennis players from 32 countries such as Russia, England, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Romania and Portugal including 21 boys and 13 girls from Turkey competed against each other.

As a result of fierce matches, Russian Daria Vidmanova in the girls category and English Jack Pinnington in the boys category won the competition. As for the double matches, Jordanian Abedallah Shelbayh and Serbian Hamad Medjedovic taking on the Turkish team in final match in boys category won the competition, whereas German Alia Lex and Russian Daria Vidmanova taking on the Turkish team in girls category defeated the opponent team.

Togan Tokaç, Orhan Umur, Mustafa Can Güneş in Turkish boys team attracted the attention during the tournament and Melis Ayda Uyar, Beyda Baykal and Selin Lidya Sepken came to the forefront among the girls as the promising stars.