Financial Advisor

Prof. Dr. Ali Alp was born in Rize, Turkey in 1964.

He has an undergraduate degree from Ankara University, Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Business Administration. He received his MBA from Marmara University and PhD degrees from Maastricht School of Management and Ankara University.

Previously, he served in various duties in establishments such as Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, TRT, UNWTO and currently serves as Board Member in Özak Global, Torunlar GYO and Başkentgaz GYO A.Ş.

He also has been working as a guest professor at Bilkent University since 2005, Finance Professor at TOBB University of Economy and Technology since 2007 and a Member of the Board of Trustees in Istanbul Kemerburgaz University since 2016.

Prof. Dr. Alp joined OTI Holding in 2012 as Financial Advisor of the Board. He is fluent in English.