Inbound Services

OTI Holding’s founding subsidiary ODEON Tours started operating in Turkey in the field of inbound services in 1992. Today the company offers accommodation, welcoming, transfer, guidance and tour services in Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, UAE, Spain, Greece and Vietnam to tour operators from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, other CIS countries, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, the Balkans and Germany. 

Destinations Management Center

In order to preserve and sustain the quality standards in all destinations and to meet the need of operators under the roof of OTI for product and services, a centralized structure under the name of "Destinations Management Center" has been created.

With this structure, high quality services and accommodation are provided in 90 destinations of 40 countries to the group operators and partners’ guests. DMC keeps on growing with every passing year by adding new destinations to its structure.