We have accompanied over 18 million guests of ours whom we have served with unforgettable memories during their private and corporate travels.

We have been continuing to grow by proliferating for 25 years together with our market leader brands we cooperate with on five continents and our affilates operating in every field of tourism.

25 Years



ODEON Tours Inbound Turkey, which is the first affiliate of OTI Holding, was founded in 1992. In those years, the number of tourists coming to Antalya was around 45-50 thousand. Coral Travel was founded in Russia in 1994 to serve in the tour operating field. It served to 3899 guests at the first year of its operation. Those years at the starting period was very succesfull for Coral Travel. The number of tourists brought from Russia to Turkey started to increase 30-50% in average every year as of that period. In the year of 2000, as a second market in tour operating field, Wezyr Holidays was founded in Poland.



2000-2005 was the “growing” period for the group. The operation in Russia was expanded with the Blue Sky sales agency’ chain. It started bringing tourists from Bulgaria and Kazakhstan in 2001. It entered to Ukranian market. Coral Travel added Egypt to its outgoing list. A year later, Sunmar, a new tour operator which focuses on “last minute sales” was founded in Russia. In 2005, Otium Hotels started to operate in accomodation sector with its 3 hotels (Sun Zeynep, Art Hotel, Blue Hotel). OGD Security and Consultancy was founded and joined the group companies.



Coral Travel celebrated its 10th anniversary with a big reception it held in 2005, at Otium Hotel Sun Zeynep. Approximately 1000 collegues from Coral and also the Governer of Antalya has attended to the reception.


OTI Group gathered its affiliates under the roof of OTI Holding A.Ş. in 2006. In the same year, Coral Travel started to take tourists to UAE and ODEON Tours started tour Operating business in domestic market of Turkey. OGD obtained ISO 9001 and OHSAS TS-18001. We started to transport tourists from Italy in 2007. A Class, which offers tailor-made, high quality services to tourists joined OTI group. Coral Travel started to transport tourists to Tunusia, Thailand and Indonesia. Coral Travel Ukraine was founded and Otium Eco Club was bought to join to the group companies.




OTI, brought together 3 thousand local and foreign tourism operators in Antalya, from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazahstan, Georgia, Romania, Lithuaina, İtaly, Albania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Uzbekhstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Iran, Germany and Portugal, with the “OTI Tourism Festival-Sun Partners” event held in 2007.



Since 2009 Coral Travel has added more countries and destinations to its portfolio. In 2010, it entered to Belarus as tour operator. ODEON Tours Inbound Services Thailand company was established. With the Blue Connect company based in Ireland, the group entered to the aviation industry. ODEON Tours Inbound Spain was founded in 2012, ODEON Tours Inbound UAE in 2013, and ODEON Tours Inbound Greece in 2014. In 2013 Coral Travel began tour operating in Georgia. As of 2016, tourists are being sent to 6 main markets to 38 countries and 65 destinations.


OTI Holding, which serves over 18 million people, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017. Owns 4 hotels in Turkey, 1 hotel in Egypt, 3 Airbus 321-200, 5 Boeing 757-200 passenger aircrafts. ODEON Tourism Management has been announced as the Champion in tourism sector at 500 Great Service Exporters in Turkey, and also one of the top 10 tourism companies among all sectors.