In Russia where it has been carrying out the tour operating business since 1994 together with its market leader main partners.

Coral Travel, which started as a OTI Holding subsidiary in tour operatoring in Russia in 1994, continues to be one of the main partners of OTI Holding as of the end of 2015. Coral Travel has tour operator offices in 28 cities in Russia. Sunmar Tour is the other tour operator's main partner, founded in 2005, which has 25 destinations in 35 cities of Russia.


11 Stoleshnikov Pereulok MOSCOW 107031 Phone: +(7) 495-232 07 18 Fax: +(7) 495-232 41 38

Coral Travel

As of 1994, Coral Travel started its activities in Moscow and took its place among the most reliable brands in the Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian markets via its sector experience and service concept...

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Blue Connect

OTI Holding operates in the aircraft leasing field via the Blue Connect company established in Dublin in 2011. 8 aircrafts within Blue Connect are leased to Russian flagged airlines...

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