Michael Frenzel, President of the Federal Association of German Tourism Industry and Germany consultant of OTI Holding, who came to Antalya to participate in the events organized on the occasion of the 25th foundation anniversary of OTI Holding, gave promising news to Turkey for the year 2018.

Frenzel, who stated that he has been involved in the tourism sector in Germany for 30 years and worked in the biggest tourism companies of the world, said that the main reason of why people are still going to Turkey was to have new and different experiences.

Frenzel, reminding that Turkey has been passing through a bad period for two seasons, said: “Europe is the largest tourism market in the world, where we are observing a shift from east to south, however we anticipate that this trend will become reversed in a short time. While choosing their destinations, people look at the service, value they get in return for the money they pay. Turkey is a special place for tourists. It is a country which has an open and friendly approach, a tolerant country with love for human beings. There are good news from Germany. Reservations for the summer season 2018 are going well. We anticipate that Turkey will grow strongly in the German market in 2018.”

Frenzel, who told that two main problems have emerged in Spain and Italy which are the classic tourism destinations preferred by the German tourists, made the following statement in this regard: “The first problem is overcrowdedness, and the second is the poor quality of service caused by it. For these reasons, protests were experienced in some countries. There are protests directed at tourists. Problems increase along with the concentration of tourism in some particular regions. This cannot be sustainable. Just at this point, Turkey stands out as a significant alternative destination with its balance of price-quality.

130 million Chinese tourists travel around the world

Gerald Lawless, President of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) stated that 1.2 billion people in the world have taken international trips last year, and said: “130 million Chinese tourists travel around the world today. We must also have a look at the Asian markets. We have to take Asia into consideration in creating new destinations. UAE granted visa exemption for Russian and Chinese tourists in February 2017 and the number of tourists coming from those countries to UAE has consequently increased approximately 100%. This situation in UAE shows the importance of visa for travel.”