OTI Holding celebrated its 25th year in tourism. Ayhan Bektas, Chairman of the Board of Directors, drew attention to the support provided by the government to tour operators

A well-established company in the tourism sector, OTI Holding has left behind a quarter century. The 25th foundation anniversary of the group was celebrated in the Land of Legends located in Belek - Antalya. Fireworks show took place following the performance of Fire of Anatolia and the concert by Goran Bregovic. After the celebration, Ayhan Bektas, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Coskun Yurt, Vice Chairman of the Board, and Ahmet Bektas, Member of the Board, made an evaluation of 2017 season and shared their growth targets.


Ayhan Bektas, Chairman of the Board, stated that they target 20% growth in the next year. Bektas added that even if the number of tourists increases, it would take approximately 3 years to restore the level of tourism revenues to that of the year 2014, and said: “There is the risk of deterioration of quality if the prices do not increase.” Bektas, who also addressed the importance of the supports provided by the government in the last two years, said: “Subsidy in the amount of USD 30 has also been reflected in the prices we offer, making it possible to reduce the prices of package tours by 5%”


On the other hand, Coskun Yurt, Vice Chairman of the Board, underlined that the tourism sector in the world has been politicized in an unprecedented manner. He said: “This is the first time that we witness tourism being abused for political reasons. We see that a political leader can say “Our relations with that country is uneasy at the moment. Do not go there” due to political tension. Unfortunately, we experienced this as a country. However, the conditions seem to calm down. We reached the rock bottom and now we are recovering.”