OTI Holding will invest USD 50 million in digital technology until 2020

OTI Holding, one of the leading companies of Turkish tourism sector, will achieve a turnover of USD 1.8 billion by the end of the year, invest USD 50 million in digital technology until the year 2020, and enlarge its aircraft fleet within the next year.

OTI Holding celebrated its 25th foundation anniversary with various events held in Antalya, in which 1,500 foreign guests participated. Ayhan Bektas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OTI Holding, reminded that 2016 tourism season was a very difficult period for Turkey. Bektas stated that 2017 tourism season has been a period of getting out of turbulence for the Turkish tourism sector, and added that they would bring 1 million 200 thousand foreign tourists to Turkey from abroad by the end of the year. Ayhan Bektas further stated that they had difficulties in the European, and especially German, markets over the last two years, added that they want to grow in that market and for that reason acquired a German company with a capacity of 120,000 German tourists. Bektas reminded that OTI Holding carries tourists from abroad to 38 countries, and said: “We have aimed to increase our share in the German market from 120 thousand to 250 thousand tourists. We will bring 100 thousand of them to Turkey. We will launch the classical tour operating for the year 2018. We will sell our own tour packages. We aim at increasing our share in the German market to over 1 million tourists within the next five years." "Digital economy is also rapidly growing in the tourism sector. We annually invest 10 to 15 million dollars in digital technology. We will realize an investment of USD 50 million until the year 2020", said Bektas. On the other hand, Coskun Yurt, CEO of OTI Holding, stated that they will add 4-5 new aircraft to their existing fleet of 14 aircraft.