Unforgettable holiday memories from welcoming to farewelling with 4 facilities in Turkey and 1 in Egypt...

The accommodation brands within OTI Holding operate under the roof of OTI Hotels & Resorts.

Otium Hotels has been carrying on its activities since 2005. Developing its human resources on a continuous basis, Otium Hotels keeps serving with its principles of 100% guest satisfaction and 100% employee satisfaction. Continuing its growing strategy in accommodation industry, OTI Holding added Otium Hotel Seven Seas (Side) and Otium Hotel Life (Kemer) in the Otium Hotels chain in 2013 in addition to the 5-star Otium Eco Club it owns. It leased Amphoras Hotel, Aloha Hotel and Golden Hotel located in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in the year 2014, and brought them into service under the brand of Otium Hotels in the season 2015 following the renovation works. Today, Otium Hotels promises its guests unforgetable holiday memories with its 4 four and five-star facilities and .... rooms in the all inclusive concept.

It increased the number of its rooms in Turkey to ....... by incorporating also Xanadu Resort Hotel (Belek), which gives service with "High Class" concept, in 2014.